Sunday, March 7, 2010

Critique Groups

For as long as I can remember, I have asked others to read my writing. I had always known I was a writer, and as such, I needed readers. It wasn't until about twenty years ago, though, that my writing ramped-up. I became more consistent and took it a great deal more seriously. I attended writer's conferences and there I learned of the Writer's Critique Group. A small gathering of people who wrote, read and then decorated your work with beautiful red marks, which hopefully helped to make you a better writer.

For more than fifteen years now, I've belonged to the same group. People come and go, but I consider them all accomplices in my writing life. This last week, a published author asked to read and critique my work. I was ecstatic. "Yes! I'm honored to have you read and critique something I've written." She came back with her ideas and started out with this paragraph: "Some writers only want to know they are brilliant. That their baby is perfect as is. If this is you, do not read any further."

I laughed. I guess I'm so far away from believing my 'baby' is perfect that the mere thought caused me to smile. You see, I'm hoping, yes, hoping that I shall gain insight by reading the beautiful little red marks that decorate the paper. I'm yearning for success and each mark, I believe, brings me closer.


  1. Those people that are open are the ones that find opportunity and success waiting around every corner.

  2. I always wondered how writers have the depth to write a book. How far to go with description of character, the ability to form them from nothing but imagination.


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