Saturday, September 7, 2013

London - Day Eight

Our last day in London. Did you know it rains here. Today is our proof!

And we even had a bit of fogginess.

Today we heading out for a bit of last minute shopping. 

And to see the Southwark Church. Okay, all vacation visiting all those beautiful churches and not getting a single photo was killing me. Today, we lucked out and I could take photos even though its still a working church. 

Disclaimer: I went bonkers!

The church gave tribute to writers and poets. Here's Shakespeare's corner. 

Then back to the market for lunch. 

I'm sorry, did I say lunch?

Yes, lunch - and dessert.

While we ate we were treated to a cooking show. Can you guess where our chef was from?

Perhaps this will help.

Every man should cook in a kilt. Just my opinion. 

And then we were off in the tube. Heading home tomorrow.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

London - Day Seven

Another lovely day in the UK. Warmest day yet at 82 degrees. Whew! I know I shouldn't say that what with living in Arizona.

We started our day at Covent Garden where we had breakfast. That's a lovely watermelon, cucumber and mint juice. 

Then after a bit of shopping we had to decide on which play to see. We finally decided on one that came highly recommended.

Then we were off to - 

The National Picture Museum where we saw the touring Music and Vermeer exhibition. Also saw lots of masters. 

This wasn't one of them. 

Nor this, but they grace the square so there you go. We also saw this guy again.

Finished the day at the pub,

Know what this is?

Mushy peas. Yuck! Apparently you can't have fish and chips here without a side of the stuff. 

And sticky pudding - yum!

 and now were off to see the show. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day Six - London

Today was a big day. We started at Tower Hill for the Tower of London, what was the location of many deaths. 

Quite impressive. Anne Boleyn came here for her coronation and then was beheaded here as well. 

Sir Walter Raleigh was also a 'guest' here. These were his rooms. 

The Queen's House.

 Complete with guard. 

We saw the Crown Jewels, but no photos were allowed. 

Then we were off to the Abbey. Westminster Abbey. Now I could have sworn I took a pic with the iPhone, but see no evidence - which means they are all in the real camera and will have to wait until I return to the states. Of course, the working churches allow no photos inside, so all I have is outside pics. This is another you will have to see for yourself. The interior is impressive. Lots of large burial art. Amazing.

We finished out day at the British Museum. All museums are free. 

The Egyptian and Assyrian collections  were quite magnificent. 

As were the Greek and Roman art. Long day and since we ate in the museum cafe, I didn't even have a meal pic. Sorry. 


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

London - Day Five

Well today we celebrated Tudor. 
Henry VIII's palace. 

It's a country estate. 

With lovely fountains and gardens. 

Next to the Thames.

I imagine it was quite convenient when one wanted to leave the city behind. 

He even stopped by to greet us. 

Of course, after a long day of the tube, bus and walking - we found ourselves quite famished. Lucky for us we found this amazing place to wine (or Italian Beer it) and dine.

Bruschetta. That's when I knew we scored!

My husband's pizza.

Dang, my pasta photo is blurred. Trust me though when I say mushroom delight. 

Awesome service and did I mention - 

And ...

Yep! Another great day in the UK!

London, Day Four

The weather has continued to be wonderful. Today was a tour day. 

St. Paul's Cathedral. Amazing! Unfortunately, no photos inside, so you'll just have to trust me, it's a must see. 

Then off to see the changing of the horse guard. 

All in all a great day!

Buckingham Palace, where Rocky posed with the queen. 

Day Three: London

The weather has been quite lovely and so are the people of London. We have so enjoyed our market days! Today we visited the Columbia Flower Market. 

Amazing variety.

Such brilliant colors.

Oh to enjoy this every week!

Of course there's some shops to peruse nearby.

And pastry shops! Yes! Pastries!

Had to try. I mean, come on, we are on holiday. 

And then we had to get directions. 

Bless the English and their patience. As I said, they are all quite lovely! Quite.

Off for some shopping at the Spitalfield Market.

Hats anyone?

Oh, such fun. And as hats go, these look great on!

When I returned home, my flatmate had a lamb bone and once again ignored me. I am determined to make his acquaintance. 

Tomorrow? Buckingham Palace and ? You'll have to wait and see.