Sunday, September 1, 2013


So a while back I told my husband, "Hey, honey. This year for vacation I'm going to Europe. What to go with?"

I guess he got my point. Generally we are beachy kind if people, but I really wanted to explore.

"Where are you going in Europe?" he asked. 

"You decide." And he did!

So here we are! Yeah. 

Day One: leaving Phoenix. Can you believe the clouds?

We found our cozy cottage through airbnb. 

It's fabulous. And in a quirky neighborhood. How you ask?

We decide to set out for some fish and chips. We need a mini-cab. So we walk to the end of the block and push this button. 

A gentleman sticks his head out the window of the third floor. 


"Cab to village," my husband says. (As we were told to do) "How much?"

We are told.

"Too much," we say as told. The price goes down a pound and a few minutes later our driver pulls up to the curb. 

Off we go for fish and chips, and Eaton's Mess. Which was a delicious dessert of berries, whipped cream and angle food cake. 

Most vacations, it appears I stay home, as I'm always behind the camera. This time, I'm going too!

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