Tuesday, September 3, 2013

London - Day Five

Well today we celebrated Tudor. 
Henry VIII's palace. 

It's a country estate. 

With lovely fountains and gardens. 

Next to the Thames.

I imagine it was quite convenient when one wanted to leave the city behind. 

He even stopped by to greet us. 

Of course, after a long day of the tube, bus and walking - we found ourselves quite famished. Lucky for us we found this amazing place to wine (or Italian Beer it) and dine.

Bruschetta. That's when I knew we scored!

My husband's pizza.

Dang, my pasta photo is blurred. Trust me though when I say mushroom delight. 

Awesome service and did I mention - 

And ...

Yep! Another great day in the UK!

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  1. Hi, Jean,
    I enjoyed my UK "tour". I looked over your past posts, too. Glad you are having such a wonderful time! Your meal looked delicious! Have a happy, September week! Vicki


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