Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Living the Life

Having moved from the warm weather and city life of Phoenix, 
we are still becoming grounded in our new reality. 
That of families gathered at the local park and pond to pull picnic tables onto the ice
so they can skate.
The days are shorter here, even shorter than the days we've become used to during our winters in AZ.
Yet, still I'm finding blessings.
Saturday I was fortunate to offer a ride to a neighbor I hadn't met before and in doing so was rewarded with this sight - the Canadian Pacific Christmas Train.
They opened a boxcar and sang for the town.
And Santa even attended long enough to hand out some treats to the little ones.
Such a unique and wonderful experience.

Winter is in the air.
A chill greets us each day,
but still, the foggy, snowy days have a beauty 
that leaves me breathless -
or maybe it's the cold.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy holiday season!

Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm Falling in Love

I do not know if any of my followers are still around. 
It has been a drought
of thought
that's for sure.
But . . .
My life has taken a turn -
and has driven,
its way to
I know right!
So I've come home after almost 40 years.
The good news is,
part of the reason for the return is so I can write full time.
I'm feeling blessed by this change
and the leaves on the trees have changed color
putting on their most fabulous dresses
as if for the coming home party of the year. 
So beautiful!
So lovely!
So . . .
much to do.

But I'll be back
again soon,
I promise!