Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Pink Day

 I've had a busy week.
Started in California
and finished in Texas.

Huston to be exact.

Lots of flat farmland,

And lovely shade trees.

Was so excited, Hubby came with me.

Not so much pink.
Of course, you have probably realized that we are driving
fast down the road
trying to catch our flight,
with me hanging out the window

trying to find my Pink Saturday post.

Yes, I'm linking with Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound
for Pink Saturday.

So I saw these Median Flowers.

They might be more red.

And then I saw this out of the corner of my eye,

But it was going really fast the other way.

Then I noticed Hubby,
(really, I always notice him,
it's just at that moment I realized he was my pink post.)

Real men can wear pink!

Hope you have a lovely day.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Fascinated

I guess I have a thing for 


Everywhere I go
I see them
and seeing them,
Is it just me?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Huntington Again

Day 2 
of Girl's Getaway
we headed over to the Huntington

Now remember
my daughter wanted to play with my camera
which means I was not able to get many shots,
but it also means that I have pictures of . . .


Which was fun since,
like all of you
I'm usually behind the camera.

Of course, I had to take one of her too.

I love Girl's Getaway weekend.
When can we go again?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can you canoe?

On the first day of girl's getaway
we did three of my favorite things:
we hiked,
we risked our lives - racing down a mountain,
otherwise known as, alpine sliding
and we went canoeing.

I was so excited,
after all in Phoenix I get very few opportunities
to drag out a canoe.

Although my husband has many opportunities
to ask why I brought the canoe with us from Wyoming
And why he has to garden around the thing
which sits in the back yard,
waiting for a chance to get out. 

And the weekend only gets better,
tomorrow we go to the Huntington.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend Getaway

So the first day of our girls only getaway,
we went hiking in Big Bear.
Then my daughter wanted to do something
that neither of us had done for more than
10 years.

Any guesses?
When she was fourteen my daughter got her first job.
It was working during the summer
in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Her job was walking distance from our home on Snow King Mountain

Have you figured it out yet?

Yep, we went Alpine Sliding in Big Bear.

Unfortunately, I have no pics of me racing down the hill
or her either,
so you'll just have to image the fun we had.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Weekend Away

My youngest daughter
asked if we could have a mother daughter getaway.
Well if you know me at all
you know my answer was
tell me when and I'll be there.
To top it off, 
what she wanted to do was photograph
the Huntington
which you all know is one of my favorite places.

My only challenge . . .
she wanted to take pics with my camera.
So I had to wrestle her to take any images.
But I got a few:
Here's a favorite.

 Have a great day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Get Your Pink On!

I went searching for Pink,
It's Pink Saturday!
Be sure to stop by and say, "Hello"
to our wonderful Hostess, Beverly 
at How Sweet The Sound.

So I dug deep into the past and found these:

Pink Lily Pads with a couple of blue dragonflies
on a river in Belize.

Also seen: two men in a hand-carved canoe.
How awesome is that?

Young Mennonite boys begging for soda.

I love this photo of them.
Their home is miles downstream on the way to a Mayan archeological site.
We were not to take photos of their farm,
but when we came around the corner of the river and saw them in their dugout canoe
begging for Coke, well I couldn't resist a few pics.

In Honduras we saw these two girls headed downtown.

Too cute in pink.

I'm so proud to announce
my daughter, Misha.
She is new to blogging and especially new to 
Pink Saturday.
Please stop over and see her pink photos
taken last weekend on our girl's weekend away.
I'm partial, but I think her photos are great.

Oh, and have a great Pink Saturday all!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tea Pots Post

You all know how I love tea,
This one, from 

these ladies.

But I also love teapots.

Summer loving pots of mine.

Someone though, 
Jean at Sweet Nothings,
had a kettle that -
insert high pitched voice -
I'm in love with!

What do you think?
"Must have! Must have!"


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Birds

My husband does not like birds.
He's afraid of them.
He won't be mad that I'm telling 
because it's common knowledge.
They are all 'chickens' to him.
Suffice it to say there was a bad incident
many years ago with a small boy,
baling twine,
and a large goose.
That ended with the goose honking and flapping its wings,
while standing the little boy's rump.

So what do I do on vacation?
I take my hubby to the local park where all the birds hang out.
I promise, I do not do this to cause him discomfort.
I just reason they aren't going to come too close,
and if they do,
I will protect my husband.
(I've done this before when a crazy swan got excited and tried to get him at the zoo.)

At the park I'm making these comments about how nice it is that all the birds just get along.
See there are ducks floating around,

An egret, stork or heron - 
let's just call it a long-legged bird

Overhead there are gulls.

Trumpeter Swans

and geese.

So I'm talking about how wonderful this is,
all these birds sharing the same space 
as we are walking around the lake
(By the way, hubby is walking on the outside so I am between him and said birds.)
We notice this lovely swan
with its butt in the air.
Now my husband, being very frightened, scared observant
says, that bird is not real.
Sure enough the trumpeter swan that has its butt in the air 
is really a fake swan that has turned over.


It seems the city puts those swans in the pond to keep the geese away.
Trumpeter swans and Canadian geese do not get along
which explains this pic.

Yeah, I'd keep my eye on him too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Family Photos

Several years ago, 
we lost all three of our Boston Bull Terriers within a month.
It was the saddest time for us.
The last one died the day before they figured out
that the dog food we'd been giving them was poison.
Our hearts were broken. 

Coming home after being gone all week working was difficult.
There was no one to greet me.
So we searched and found our sweet Newton.

Isn't he a doll?
Caring friends who knew of our unfortunate loss
also wanted to help.
We were okay with one baby,
but then this one came to our attention:

Meet Chelsea

We call her a Bo-Chi
Her family couldn't find a home for her. 
All the chihuahua looking puppies found homes
but this one that looked more like a Boston was left.
Well, we couldn't have that.
So she came home with us.

My daughter decided she wanted a dog for companionship.

This is Autumn.
She's a rescue and so lovely.
I can't explain it, but we have a unique bond.
Love, love, love her.
I am so fortunate that right now she is on an extended stay with us.

Of course, you can never have too many furries, right?
So my son adopted Jiggs

 He's an older fellow, with the best disposition.
He needed a home where he could have more attention.
He picked well. 

So there you have it,
my family.
Aren't they just too cute?

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Hunting I Did Go

While I was in Minnesota I also did a tiny bit of shopping.
My husband and I spent a day in antique shops, rummaging around and 
see what I found: 
Yes, I know this cute cherry tea towel needs to be ironed.

And I found these:
Eight lovely linen napkins
(I'll press these too.)
Eight napkins and one tea towel = $2.10
Yep, even my husband must admit, I'm a cheap date. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vintage Vacation Swap & The BEST Swap Partner Ever!

It came! It came!
My vintage vacation package came!
From my lovely friend
Who, as you can see from the pics, -
is the greatest swap partner ever!!!

To recap:
beach towel, beach mat (which is gorgeous - and she made it and it's all shells-y and . . . sorry, I'll refocus.), beach napkins, tea, tea tumbler, (which my husband loved, because I've been nagging, begging, searching for one), beach books, journal, scrapbook, seashell necklace (which is just too cute.) candles, CD's with Jazz music and lots of fun stuff for crafting, a beautiful card some pictures of her home and her family.
(Shannon, I may have forgotten to mention somethings, but, well, there was just so much goodness in that box . . . please know I loved it all!) 

A super thank you goes out to Jenny  
for putting this all together.