Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being Scandinavian

I love being Scandinavian by heritage.
It has always been important to me.
Which is why, I guess, I spend time Scandi-crafting.
For example:

My Christmas socks.

I love the pattern.

I've also tried my hand at the following:

Up close:

A Swedish Embroidery Afghan

And, of course, Hardinger Embroidery too.

I also make Krumkaka.
it's pronounced krum with a long 'u' sound
and yes, ka ka
like you know what.
Here's the iron I use to make these delicious little cookies.

Then I also make something with this nifty little tool.
Can you guess what?

P.S. Thanks for all your support regarding 
my itsy bitsy teeny weeny 
red geometric patterned bikini.  :)


  1. You made those??? Unbelievable gorgeous! Wow, I'm impressed, DJ. How neat you have Swedish or Scandanavian ancestry. That krumkaka iron is just pretty to look at :) My sister's grandmother-in-law was Swedish. Her name was Clara Johnson and her parents immigrated to the US from Sweden. She lived to be 104.

  2. LOVING the photos.....AWESOME socks! :):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Tin ceiling tiles?

    Lovely stuff! I especially love the afghan.

  4. My My husband is originally from Minnesota. we wer were just there this past weekend. It's
    always great to go home!!!

  5. You are a very talented lady. All the things you featured today are great work.


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