Thursday, September 5, 2013

London - Day Seven

Another lovely day in the UK. Warmest day yet at 82 degrees. Whew! I know I shouldn't say that what with living in Arizona.

We started our day at Covent Garden where we had breakfast. That's a lovely watermelon, cucumber and mint juice. 

Then after a bit of shopping we had to decide on which play to see. We finally decided on one that came highly recommended.

Then we were off to - 

The National Picture Museum where we saw the touring Music and Vermeer exhibition. Also saw lots of masters. 

This wasn't one of them. 

Nor this, but they grace the square so there you go. We also saw this guy again.

Finished the day at the pub,

Know what this is?

Mushy peas. Yuck! Apparently you can't have fish and chips here without a side of the stuff. 

And sticky pudding - yum!

 and now were off to see the show. 

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