Saturday, September 7, 2013

London - Day Eight

Our last day in London. Did you know it rains here. Today is our proof!

And we even had a bit of fogginess.

Today we heading out for a bit of last minute shopping. 

And to see the Southwark Church. Okay, all vacation visiting all those beautiful churches and not getting a single photo was killing me. Today, we lucked out and I could take photos even though its still a working church. 

Disclaimer: I went bonkers!

The church gave tribute to writers and poets. Here's Shakespeare's corner. 

Then back to the market for lunch. 

I'm sorry, did I say lunch?

Yes, lunch - and dessert.

While we ate we were treated to a cooking show. Can you guess where our chef was from?

Perhaps this will help.

Every man should cook in a kilt. Just my opinion. 

And then we were off in the tube. Heading home tomorrow.

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