Monday, November 7, 2011

I Feel Soooo Stupid

So . . .
about three years ago
I bought a Blackberry.
(I was late getting to the party.)
When I bought it
I immediately put it 
in a case that absorbed impact.

The case was difficult to get
on and off
so I didn't
take it on or off

Last week I decided
that my case was looking
and needed to be replaced.
I was informed, my phone
will also need to be replaced soon.
GOSH, I still have a "ball."
(Apparently that's a bad thing.)

New cases for my "old" phone
were an issue, so I have a
new case, that is removable.

Which brings me to the reason for this post.

For years now, 3 to be exact,
I've been upset that my phone photos,
excuse me, SUCK.

I've complimented others about the quality
of their phone photos,
always reminding myself that
my Blackberry was really purchased for a phone.

Sooooo, imagine my surprise
last week,
when I took my phone out of the
a thick piece of plastic
that has been over the

Yep, 3 years!

By the way, not having plastic
over the lens improves the
quality of photos


  1. hahaha..this made me laugh!!! I love it...these new smart phones are a trial. I upgraded recently and it is a Droid with a touch screen...geez..I couldn't figure out why my texts were all in Russian!!! Had to go to my son and ask for can imagine the look I got!

  2. Oh Jean, I am laughing; that is a cute story to tell on yourself. I could imagine me doing that, not noticing the plastic lens cover.

  3. LOL!! That is FUNNY!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Hahahahaha! That is funny. Where was the last photo taken? It looks like the Cajon Pass in California.
    Isn't this cold weather grand?? I'm knitting a hat as I type.

  5. Priceless story, Jean! But I'm sure you're not alone. So many gadgets and accessories to keep track of these days. I rely on my husband to keep it all sorted out. I hope you enjoy your new phone/camera to the fullest! – g

  6. This almost sounds like something I would do, but not with a technological item as I study those things in detail. Mine happens with something mechanical as I never study those things...just want them to run. (Thanks for he visit and the did you happen on my blog?)

  7. Ha! My husband worked for Verizon and says that happens all the time!! I once complained for months that my phone pics were getting worse every time I took them...then I realized there was a lint ball forming on the lens! Ha! :)

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  9. Jean, I laughed so hard when I read about the lens plastic cover, but I feel for you, I can create blogs and websites, yet, still can't get the DVR machine to record the tv shows. Just call us technically challenged.

  10. That is hilarious and truthfully sounds like something I would do. My husband or son usually intercept my technology failures, thank goodness.

  11. I'm smiling! I can totally identify with that. I need a full-time IT person.

  12. But I bet you had no scratches on your lens.
    When my husband was putting in a programmable thermostat in our hallway we couldn't get it to set the way the instructions said to do it and our frustration was growing.
    Finally about half an hour later we realized that the number display we were seeing was really the plastic protection sheet. Doh!!!

  13. ok. this is hilarious. just stumbled on your blog and you have already made me laugh in the first post i've read. great story...and now i'm a new follower! love it. will be back.

  14. I am glad I am not alone with technology! I accidentally find things about my phone quite by chance! I am glad your camera works so beautifully!


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