Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conscious Choices: the Pathway to an Authentic Life.

 I'm so loving my Thursday posts
on Balance.
My guest this week is
Mary Jo Guglielmo, an intuitive life strategist.
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Sometimes when you’re looking for balance in your life you just have to jump ship.  That’s what happened to me 18 years ago.  Having had my first child in my thirties, my identity was very much defined as a working professional.  With two young children, my life was hectic, but seemed to have a manageable rhythm.  I loved my job, the environment, the fact that every day was new with its own rewards and challenges.  Yet I felt stuck on a treadmill I couldn’t stop.   I was a member of the generation that believed that you could have it all—work, motherhood, a great lifestyle.   Eventually, I began to realize that for me having it all came at a price. When I was finally willing to examine my true heart’s desire, I quit my job to be home with my children.
 I pruned away an identify that no longer fit, shed possessions I didn’t need, released desires that weren’t real and created an authentic life. Financially at first, it was a real stretch but we cut back on expenses.  It didn’t seem like we were depriving ourselves; instead we were making conscious choices.   It wasn’t about planning for the future and worry about the past, it was about making the most empowering choice possible by grabbing what I truly wanted in the present moment.  I learned the importance of defining your core values and then living a life that reflects these values.  
It’s a process I’ve done many times since then.  We’ve been through many different stages at my house and at each new juncture I ask myself what’s most important in the present moment.  What makes my heart sing now?
Maybe an outside force will give you the push to re-examine your life and assess what’s most important to you.  But why wait?  Two of my favorite questions to start this process are:
1. What's working in my life . . . what's not?
2. What in my life brings me joy?
  When you determine what you truly value, review the things you do, the things you own, the way you spend your time and resources.  Are these things supporting your core values?  The balance in life comes when your daily activities reflect what you value most.  There’s no better time than now to explore your true desires.  You might not need to jump ship like I did, but you may need to throw a few bags overboard.  Happy Travels!

Mary Jo Guglielmo is an intuitive life strategist.  She helps clients push through their blocks, envision their path and take the necessary action to live their true north.  If you are interested in an Artist Breakthrough session or a Personal Mentoring Program go to


  1. What a wonderful blog Jean. Thanks for inviting me to post.

  2. I jumped from the same ship not long after my son (2nd child) was born. Everyone thought I was crazy at the time because the job was high-paying, flexible, and they were willing to do almost anything to keep me. But it didn't feel right anymore.

    It sounds like I had a more difficult time letting go of that part of my identity that was a "big-wig" business-woman, but I did eventually. While I don't regret any of the years I spent there, I don't regret leaving either. I've realized you can reinvent yourself many times in your life - as many times as you need to.

    Great post!

    1. I agree. I have reinvented myself more than once, and will certainly do it again. What we need to be happy changes with time, so we might as well follow our heart.

  3. Mary Jo, nice to see you here. Guess it's that know thyself mantra. And, of course, be true to theyself. Essential for us writers.

  4. Thanks for the inspiratonal post, Mary Jean!

  5. It's always a brave decision when you willing make a big life change. I'm a firm believer that, if at all possible financially, kids need an at home mom. I'm sure most moms struggle with this dilemma.

    Interestingly, some have are forced into the opposite circumstances and have to go to work after being an at-home-mom.

    You never know what life will throw at you!

    Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing


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