Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Heading Out

I know you probably
thought I was already gone,
I've been so remiss in writing.
But no . . .
I've been working.
Revising a non-fiction book
which will be published in May.
And even more exciting,
Flight from the Water Planet
Book 1, of the Exodus Series, 
the Young Adult Novel 
I've been writing for the last year +
is scheduled to publish
April 18th.
But a woman has to get out and relax a bit too!
So I'm heading out to Little Rock, Arkansas.
It is my first trip to see that part of the world.
I will be visiting my daughter and her family.
I'm so very excited.
Can't wait to see . . .
Well I'm not sure,
but you can let me know what I shouldn't miss,

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