Thursday, July 5, 2012

First, the Path. Then the Companion

Today's featured author is 
Monty Joynes.

After you have made the life-altering decision to travel in the direction of the literary arts, the next crucial decision is who will go with you as spouse or companion.  Do not put the second before the first, or you will create constant conflict instead of literature.

My second wife understood my passion to write, and she thus became the great facilitator for a very productive writing period that did not depend on commercial success.  As my partner, copy editor, researcher, and manuscript preparer, we were able to produce novels, non-fiction books including a long two-subject biography, and libretti for an oratorio and two grand operas over a period now spanning 29 years.

Meanwhile, we operated a seasonal manufacturing and retail business to support ourselves and our three, now college graduated, daughters. 

During those years, I wrote full-time six months and then worked seven days a week for six months in the business.  With the girls married, we sold the business in 1992 and have devoted ourselves full-time to the literature ever since.

We count our satisfaction with lives lived in the dedicated pursuit of art not on published success, but rather by the manner in which we have remained faithful to whatever literary work was inspired for us to do.  We honored whatever talent we had in the completion of more than 50 major literary works. We fulfilled and continue to fulfill the will-to-art that provides meaning and purpose to our life together.

As a genetically mandated writer, first commit to that path, and then find the very special someone who agrees to go that way with you.

Monty Joynes is one of George Garrett's "boys" from U.Va.  His publications include six novels and ten non-fiction books.  In recent years he has written libretti for an oratorio and two operas.  Monty and his wife Pat reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where he continues to be a full-time writer.

Monty Joynes

GRID (Kindle 2011)

The scene is New Orleans, one of 16 Open Cities in the year 2032.  The United States, victim of economic depression, The Great California Earthquake, food riots and anarchy has a new constitution administered by 30 SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) who have divided the production centers of the country. 

A spirited street musician dares to compete on the New Orleans Grid tower in a life-and-death gamble to finance his settlement of revolutionary refugees.  The hero’s access to the high-stakes game is dependent on appealing to the tempestuous Grid promotions director, an enigmatic famous beauty that war and the corrupt Open City have jaded against trust and love. 

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