Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brioche Breakdown

My daughter
asked me to knit her a scarf.
She bought the yarn,
silver and navy.
I told her to pick a pattern.
Brioche is breaking me!
I've spent two weeks and have this
to show for my efforts,

(Pathetic, right?)

Mostly because I've ripped it out
too many times to count.
There must be a secret!

I think I've got it now,
but I thought that once or twice before.
Oh the pain.
Hard to tell, 
but it's mostly silver on one side,
and mostly navy on the other.
Very interesting,
if only I could figure it out. 


  1. I finally knit a dishrag and now I'm trying to crochet one and I know all you went through to make my scarf...lol...That looks like it will be a warm scarf when you master the stitch. Is there any website you like for knitting/crocheting?

  2. Sorry I can't help. I have no skills, just admiration for yours. Although I have a son who is an awesome knitter...he learned it in Estonia.

  3. Try youtube. I think it looks fantastic!

  4. I did a brioche stitch for a dog sweater a few months back... I'd never done one before either. Luckily, I wasn't quite sure on the sizing, so I had to rip it up a number of times (allowing for a lot of brioche stitch practice). I just used google to find links that explained the stitch; once I found an explanation that worked for me, it was a piece of cake.

    If you've ever tried double knitting, it's "kind of" like that.

    Just practice, practice, practice... Although, I'm sure that's not what you want to hear :)


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