Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life Is Not Like A Trip To The Buffet

I mean, (deep lower voice,) Thursday.
Today I am featuring Rick Lauber

Do you give your writing the time and attention it truly deserves? Or, do you vainly squeeze in a few words when and wherever you can?

Several years ago, I found myself working a full-time job, a part-time job and trying to freelance write. Obviously, my writing (along with most everything else in my life) was taking a back seat and I decided a change was in order. Let’s face facts though; I don’t often make major decisions easily or quickly. After considerable dithering, I quit my full-time job to focus more on writing. The part-time hours, I surmised, would continue to provide me with a regular enough paycheque to stave off any wolves howling at my door for at least a few months while I focused more on writing.

I have continued this arrangement and truly enjoyed finding more of a life balance and having more time to write. Thanks to having more time at my computer keyboard, my portfolio of published magazine/newspaper articles has grown immensely as has my self-confidence level. I am now both healthier and happier.

The highlight from the last several years, undoubtedly, has been my completing my first book, Caregiver’s Guide for Canadians. This guidebook, for new and existing caregivers, serves as a valuable resource for individuals stepping in to help with an aging parent/friend/partner and is based on my own personal experience assisting with both of my parents. Sample chapters include “Caring from a Distance”, “Searching for Appropriate Long-Term Care for A Parent” and “Finding Joy in Caregiving”. While my book does include websites of specific relevance to Canadian caregivers, the content is general enough to appeal to a global audience.

Through my experiment, I’ve concluded that life is not like a trip to the buffet where you load as much as possible on your plate. Take less and go back for seconds, if desired, instead. Find balance. Without prioritizing your own writing (and your own desire to do so), you are shortchanging yourself (along with potential readers of your work).
 Rick Lauber is the author of Caregiver's Guide for Canadians, a freelance writer, publicist and public speaker. His writing credits include magazine/newspaper articles, creative copy, website material and news/sports stories for radio broadcast. Rick has written on a great variety of subjects including global warming, business profiles, arts and entertainment and senior care.

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