Thursday, September 6, 2012

Writing Isn’t Just Sitting at the Computer

The very best day of the week.
At least I think so.
Today I'm honored to introduce
Debbi Weitzell

Someone approached me a couple of weeks ago about a contract job. She opened with something to this effect: “What do you do now [that you’re a published author]? Are you act the computer all day, every day, writing?” I could honestly answer, “No.” On the other hand, writing isn’t just sitting at the computer.

When do I write? When do I NOT write? Look at is this way: everything that happens in my life or to people around me impacts my thinking. Everything I experience or observe filters through my brain, and may at some point emerge through my fingers. I try to remember this on days when I don’t even get to sit down at the computer, let alone get any “writing” done. And when I have writing projects in the works (when do I not?), while I’m painting or ironing or cooking or whatever else has to be done, those projects are percolating in background. When at last I do put hands to keyboard, what comes forth is a distillation of all that thinking.

For a long time, the actual writing didn’t happen very often. Kids to raise, a job—whatever. Always something. But then I started to realize that when I wasn’t creating anything, I got grumpy. I don’t like grumpy. I learned the lesson. Now writing is higher on the list. In the last year, I’ve finished two projects that were years in the making, simply because I decided to make them priorities. Many more are in process.

Side note: our kids noticed, too. They have adopted my philosophy; they pursue their interests in the present as much as possible, working them in as they can, so that they are developing their talents all their lives. I didn’t realize that this would be a benefit of my decisions, but it has by far been the greatest reward.

By the above definition, Debbi Weitzell has been writing since she could speak, in one form or another, and actually putting words down for almost as long. She is the author of two books, a blog, and a lot more. The books are “Dan Powell, the Making of an American Cowboy” (historical novel) and “Ora’s Quest” (fantasy adventure). Both are available in soft cover and e-book formats. Free excerpts at the bookseller sites. For access to all, go to

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  1. Sorry,everyone. I meant to stop by before this, but life has been a bit crazy of late. It looks like I still beat the rush. :}

    I will check back in soon.

    Thanks, Jean, for the mention.


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