Thursday, February 23, 2012

Belly Dancing for Balance

 It's Thursday,
Balance Day.
I just love to read all these great posts.
So many amazing people
who seem to have it figured out.
Today I'd like you all to welcome
Aditi Chopra!

I am a writer and I absolutely love writing. I do it because it gives me happiness. There are constantly new and different ideas floating through my mind and sometimes an urge to pen them down. Sometimes I pen them down and later rewrite them because I have thought of phrasing it in a better way, in a way that suits my personality. It is interesting how some ideas come to you while you were sleeping. You get off from bed and can't wait to pen them down. Sometimes these ideas shoot off from a conversation with a friend or colleague. You can say that your mind gets trained to capture ideas and then you don't even have to look for them, they come to you!
            In all of this, you don't want to neglect family or yourself. And it can happen if you are too engrossed in it. I sometimes force myself to take a break if I have been at my laptop for far too long. The break is physically required and also needed to freshen up the mind. Your neck muscles need a break if you have been sitting in one position for far too long. I tend to forget that even mind has a certain capacity and should not be burdened more. I find that cooking is a good stress reliever. If you have time, your cooking will definitely come out good. And your family will be very happy and satisfied.
            Lately I have enrolled in belly dancing class in order to create more balance in my personal life. I find that it is a great workout as well as social outlet. Workout of any kind is good both for physical as well as mental happiness. But if a workout involves social interaction, it is even better. It lets you laugh a little, talk a little and of course burn calories at the same time. This is why I enjoy going to Curves rather than any other gym. Curves setup allows more interaction with other women.
            Another absolutely enriching hobby for me is traveling. Traveling opens up your mind in so many ways. You learn so much about different cultures, places, sometimes languages. I always find my mind working better after a travel vacation. It could be because my mind needed that rest and I just didn't know about it.
            All in all, we shouldn't neglect our family or ourselves. It is only when we balance our lives, our work becomes better.

Aditi Chopra is a motivating leader, process consultant and a creative writer. She is the author of Ten Mistakes A Manager Should Avoid.
She utilizes her experience in software engineering, people management and communication strategies to help create value for organizations. You can find her on


  1. Such a great post! Belly dancing sounds FUN!

  2. Yup, it is good for muscle training.

  3. Hi Jean.....lately my belly dances just when I walk! But seriously it seems like great excercise and fun.
    Wanted you to know I nominated you for the versatile blogger award.


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