Thursday, February 16, 2012

In a House Full of Women

How To Get Balanced Thursday
 Today's guest is author, Bridget Straub
Finding balance in a house full of women is not always easy, especially as I am the menopausal mom of two teenage daughters. Okay, to be honest my youngest is only twelve, but she is right on the cusp and a performing arts student besides, so I think it’s safe to say she’s teenage by association. I love my girls dearly, and yet I am a writer, working from home, trying desperately to gather an audience for my first published novel, “Searching for My Wand”. You would think that at this age, my girls would understand and respect this. They do not.
I remember way back when I had my son, now (gulp) twenty six, someone said, “You think they need you most when they are little and unable to fend for themselves, but just wait until they reach middle school, because that is when they will need you the most.” I had no clue how true that was until now.  When my son hit adolescence and was turning into a teen, I was having two more kids. I assumed any neediness on his part was as a result of that. He did, and still does, adore his little sisters, but it seemed a no-brainer that he would fight for attention with all of the changes taking place.  
This time it’s different. There are no new siblings these girls are adjusting to; they just want my full attention to be on them at all times. This is not to say that they are horribly demanding, either. As kids go, I have been lucky. They are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves for substantial periods of time, just so long as I don’t try to accomplish anything. It is downright freaky how my beginning to type a post for my blog, or researching some new marketing strategy, can send them running into my room. Often it is to complain that they are hungry and they need me to review for them what is available to eat, because God forbid they look for themselves. Occasionally, I’m forced into the role of referee when they are battling over the TV, but more often than not they are just coming in for some love or to review what has happened at school, and this is where the problem is. I can’t send them away.
I want to know what is happening with them; I’m their mother. Likewise, I love that they still climb into my lap and want to connect with me, and that they find comfort in my arms. They are my joy and my inspiration, as well as the reason I work as hard as I do. Sure, I want my writing to sell because it is thrilling to create characters that others relate to, but I also want to show my children that you can follow your dreams. I want them to grow up to feel passionate about whatever they choose to pursue in life. So balance is elusive in my house. I write whenever I can, and mostly when my girls are at school. At times it’s frustrating, but in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Bridget Straub began concocting stories to entertain her younger sister when she was seven years old, and hasn’t stopped since. When she’s not writing, doodling, or hanging out with her kids, she’s probably cursing at her computer. Her first novel “Searching for My Wand” was published in Dec. 2011. Her next novel will be released in spring 2012. She has also collaborated with Laura Hall on the musical “Room to Grow”.


  1. So fun reading about Bridget! Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh, balance! takes every muscle, doesn't it? you're a fab mom Bridget ... may the minutes you do get for your stuff count double!

  3. Hi, so lovely to meet you and your wonderful blogs. I stopped by your website too. I remember those days so well. My girls are twenty and twenty three now and the changes are long behind me. It's funny how girls can create drama in a heartbeat.



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