Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Rest of My Life.

 Yeah! It's Thursday.
Today's featured guest is 
RC Bonitz's

          Balancing writing with the rest of my life.Hmm? That assumes there is a rest of my life. The last time I pinched myself I felt it, so I guess I'm still here. 

Actually, there was a time when the balance question didn't exist for me. I wrote two or three hours a week back then, just for the joy of writing. That was ages ago. When I first started. When I had hair. And a waistline.

Things have changed. I'm a serious writer now and have two books in print. (Check out http://www.rcbonitz .com). I'm also working on a sequel to one of them and the sequel to the sequel. Do I sound a little crazy? Don't say it- I know. And, oh yeah- there's that little matter of promotion, which barely deserves a mention right? Takes no time at all?

Actually, I'm lucky. I'm retired from the rat race. My kids have kids so no problem there- except when the younguns (?) have soccer games and crew races and field hockey and band concerts and- I need to take a breath. (There are twelve of them so there's always something going on.).

So, what do I have to balance? There is my wife of course. For some reason she doesn't appreciate being ignored. (Though I must say she's very tolerant of my periodic hibernation in the little hole I call my office. We've been married quite a long time, so maybe she's seen enough of my mug to satisfy her deepest cravings long ago.) Who said that?

There's one more factor to consider- immobility. I know him well. Ever sit at your computer so long you almost can't get up? Bad habit I have. I need to add a little thing called exercise to my balance equation.  But, when the muse is rolling he doesn't want to hear that. Anyway, I do need time to get some exercise. Occasionally. 'Nuf said.

My balancing act is really easy compared to you folks with young kids and jobs to worry about. I really only have to fuss over writing versus editing versus promo time. I figure I've got it made. I can even fit in a little canoeing or sailing when I get the itch. Now, let's see. Fishing season opens soon, I've got a conference coming up, two books to promote, Sam is in a race, Leslie has a soccer game, got a dinner date with my wife tonight, I'm editing a manuscript, and—oh yeah. Piece of cake. I can always use my best strategy when things get like this. Sit down. Be still- And write a new story. That works wonders for the soul.
RC Bonitz's latest book, A Blanket for Her Heart, is now out in print! You can check it out on Amazon. He has been writing for sixteen years and has many more stories to come.
He is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Connecticut chapter of RWA. A father of five children. he lives in Connecticut with his wife, just down the road a piece from Long Island Sound. Many years a sailor, he has retired to a canoe and fishing rod. And his computer. You can contact him via his blog at or at


  1. Thanks for hosting me Jean. I've had a busy day- Got a contract for my third book, the sequel to my first. A LITTLE BIT OF BABY will come out sometime this year! Thanks again. RC

  2. This is such a sweet post!!! LOVE a chance to win!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all these books look like great reads!
    I LOVE to see everyone keeping busy... Even when we don't have enough time in the day to pass around, "It's fun to look back at all we did"! "AND" I also think it's WONDERFUL to be busy with things that we REALLY LOVE to do!
    Have a fun week,


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