Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Happy Hypochondriac

Yeah, for featured guests.
You're going to love this one.
Introducing, Kat Spitzer
I'm the author of the new book, The Happy Hypochondriac, and the daily humor blog of the same name ( I write freelance magazine pieces, contribute as a blogger to What's Up? Kids, and collaborated on a cookbook/entertainment guide called,Thyme to Entertain. I am currently working on my second Happy Hypochondriac book. 
Balancing this work with my other jobs as a mother of two young children, Executive Director of a small non-profit foundation, and volunteer with a couple of large community organizations, is not always easy. Here are my tips (which sometimes work):

1) Try to work when the kids are asleep or in school. Writing is not done well when there is a lot of other noise. Multi-tasking is good for many things, but not writing!

2) Despite what feels like 6 hour days, try to get a good nights sleep every night. You will be more focused and clear with your writing.

3) Find a part of every day when you can block off time for writing. It's important to write every day even if it's something small, or work that you will later edit to death. Every bit you write inevitably makes you a better writer overall.

4) Make a plan and try to stick with it. Example: I would like to finish a certain amount in a month. Don't fall into self loathing, however, if you fall a little short. Sometimes that negativity can stall you for much longer. Just forgive yourself and move on with your next goal.

5) Feel proud of yourself often for the work you have produced. Positive feelings breed even more ideas!

Kat Spitzer
The Happy Hypochondriac

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