Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Strange Pace

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I have an additional post this week
from author, Bettie Wright.

Before my husband retired from the Real Estate business in Orinda, California I had no trouble balancing my life with writing. He was always busy working.

After he retired and we moved to Arizona, it was very difficult, at least at first. I had been used to being on my own most of the day. Before I took writing classes and wrote my stories on the typewriter. I wrote many short stories, about things and places of my life. I also worked for a travel agency in Lafayette. I kept the house clean and fixed meals for my three daughters and Ed, my husband. After the girls married and left, I cooked for Ed.

When we moved first to Glendale, Arizona, I was still in the travel business and took several groups to Oaxaca, Mexico and arranged three trips for Unity church. Ed was a problem he didn’t know what to do? he had been working all the time. He started watching television, I hated it. We then moved to surprise to a beautiful little South West style home in “Sun Village.” I began computer classes and bought a computer. I put all my stories on the computer; and began classes in Glendale at the Library, where they wanted me to learn and I learned more about writing. I kept writing more stories and began rewriting and rewriting over and over.

I do most of the household tasks. Up until several months ago, my husband was doing all the grocery and household shopping. When he didn’t pass his drivers license test, I had to do all the shopping and driving him here and there. I still try to prepare dinner, but many times don’t have the slightest idea of what I’m serving for dinner. It bothers my husband, which makes me feel a little guilty sometimes. This combination; of writing and keeping up a home gets done but at a strange pace. Now I have more to do in getting my published book out into the public’s eye.

I can eat anything but Ed is a meat and potatoes guy. I would be happy to eat out most every night. I have cooked long enough. I do most of my writing while Ed is reading but I still love to play the piano and that takes time and I can’t do that while he’s reading. I try to get out with other women once a week for lunch or a group meeting which helps me with my book

Ed likes routine and I like variety. We get our walks in the morning and work out in the exercise room here at sun village.

 I am writing a sequel to “I Didn’t Miss Much.” It’s mostly stories about my life, poems and tidbits.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder why we live with these men!! I feel as if my husband has aged in his mind more than me.


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