Thursday, August 30, 2012

Learning To Be Very Creative.

Here's another amazing author, 
Marlayna Glynn Brown

I am a single parent of four teenagers who are now 19, 18, 16 and 14.  My oldest son is attending college at California State Long Beach but I'm happy to report he still calls home in the middle of the night to hear a loving and accepting voice.  Their father left when they were 5, 4, 3 and 1 so it's long been the five of us with me running the show.  Maintaining a regular job was just not in the cards for me.  Various illnesses, school meetings, doctor's appointments and must-not-miss school performances did not make me the ideal employee.  I've been fired more than anyone I know!  As with most challenges in life, I learned to be very creative with making money while being completely present for the needs of my children.  

God bless the internet!  I started consulting as a marketing agent which meant I could write articles and press releases any time I could create the time to log in.  For creative release, I blogged.  And blogged and blogged.  And these two actions honed my writing talent while drawing out a desire to write about my experiences.  During a lull in the economy, I worked solidly for three weeks and wrote my first book.   

As my children grew so did our expenses, which required me to be more creative in continuing my education and funding four teenagers.  I obtained my Master of Science in Human Services and purchased a Nikon camera as a congratulatory gift for myself.  Instead of entering the counseling field, I started taking photographs and found myself winning contests and making money.  I've since combined my marketing skills with my knowledge of photography and am now representing two very talented photographers at  This career has in turn given me the gift of more time to be able to write so I am once again back to glorious square one.

Overlay has had a very strong start as it's only been on the market for less than a month and available exclusively on Amazon for Kindle.  I am personally promoting my work and am contacting book clubs, book stores and sending press releases.  I've had two book clubs express interest so far.  Overlay has been very well received because it deals with a subject many know but don't like to discuss - the alcoholism of a family member.  I'd like to see the book gain traction in an effort to help anyone dealing with addiction.  


Marlayna Glynn Brown is an Austin, Texas author, screenwriter, actress, producer, poet and photographer. Marlayna was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and bases many of her unusual characters and unexpected story lines on true events.  She wrote, acted in and produced her first short film, People That do Something in 2009. Her first memoir, Overlay, was published on Amazon in 2012.

Marlayna received a BA in literature from California State University, Long Beach, attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California and recently completed her Masters degree in Human Services.

However, she insists most of her real learning has come from her avid love of travel and her four teenaged children.

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