Thursday, August 16, 2012

Part of My Nature

I'm loving
I can't seem to get enough.
Introducing Myron Edwards

For me, being creative and balancing my day is part of my nature. In my working life I am a copywriter and marketing man, called The Advertising Man based in Cyprus. The problem is CY doesn't have too much in the way of funds for advertising and what little there is, gets picked off by the bigger boys.
So I also try to balance my working day with freelance articles for magazines. This is also a great way to keep the gray matter flowing and to stimulate ideas. I also try to market wherever possible my book and my dream to get it made into a movie. I bamboozle (great word) as many people as I can and look for angles everywhere to try to get people to invest in the movie.

I have also completed two other books. The longest one I ever wrote was over 600 pages and that was mainly because I was banged up in hospital with a broken hip for six weeks so that gave me the opportunity to work on the book.  

I came into writing by the comedy route and needed to be balanced with day-to-day work as a travel agent. But moderate success gave me the start that I needed and I started freelancing for the BBC in London writing comedy sketches and one liners. It was whilst I was at JWT in the travel department that I took the giant leap and moved to the creative department becoming a copywriter in the 80's.

That was a long time ago now. But I still remember fondly the great characters and gurus of those days who were stars in their own lifetime. I am still in touch with a couple of them.
It’s an interesting premise balancing life as a creative with who you are in your daily life.
For me I am always looking for angles or ideas in all that I do, whether that’s dish washing or cleaning the car. It’s always for me a good way to think and to conjure. 
 Myron Edwards, 55 married with three children, former BBC Comedy script writer with credits such as The Two Ronnies and A Kick up the 80’s, Hudd Lines and Weekending. 

Moved to Cyprus 2004 and now working as Creative Director for a leading Advertising Agency in Limassol.  Enjoys writing, reading, TV and Cinema, sports, mainly football watching and when he can playing!

He lived in Essex and North London during his early career where he worked in a variety of different companies which varied between the travel industry and sales and marketing.

Here he was able to combine his creative talents and writing skills in a variety of different projects and opportunities., before moving out to Cyprus with his family. 
The Mistress of the Rock is his first novel.

FOR 5,000 years she has been hidden from sight.
Generations of people have visited; not knowing of her existence.
The mystery of Aphrodite's Rock is finally revealed in this sensational new novel
"Undoubtedly, the best kept secret since The Da Vinci Code" (Aristotle)
"BRILLIANT I couldn't put it down..". Ann Channing Epoiskopi

As featured on BFBS Radio - CBBc Radio, Cyprus Mail, Paphos Post, Lemesos News, Cyprus Gold

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