Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Night Owl

I'm feeling like it can do it all these days.
Thanks to all my friends
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Here's another amazing author,
please welcome, Anderson Maestri

I moved to the United States in 1998, and I never imagined becoming a published author. I always thought that it takes so much time, and I did not think I could wait years to see the completion of any project I may start. My perception of time passing would change drastically as a husband and father.

Without noticing, I spent two years while in college working on my first book “Bilingual Parenting & The Preacher’s First Ministry”. After 10 years, I am revising and republishing it. I believe writing doesn’t conflict with my busy schedule since I am a night owl, and my current job can be a great source of inspiration. For example, one of my latest publications is a collection of short articles I wrote for church members, “Sunday Knowledge”. This work has a very specific audience and no commercial intentions, which changes how you approach the creative process.

I did spend another couple of years researching and writing a non-religious work, “Neither Heads nor Tails”, a self-help style work dealing with balance in multiple areas in our lives. I have a few other ideas that I filed for later, since raising a two year old, working, and trying to promote my current books leave no time or energy for more writing at the moment.

I guess that means my balance is more schedule related than creativity related. It is fairly easy to balance writing and “real life” when I am not fully invested in promoting my work. However, the real challenge is to promote any book without allowing that to consume your life. Pursuing book promotion can become a full-time job, and when my son came along something had to go. Since one full-time job (book promotion) didn’t come with a paycheck, you can guess my choice.

I feel like I have been bitten by the “book publishing bug”. It feels amazing to look at your work fresh off the press, the smell of new books, and feel of the crispy pages as you flip through them. Since, I do all my editing, layout and design, I feel this artistic connection with the final product. It is more than the written material. It is a combination of what was said with how it looks on the page, and how the cover art summarizes the entire content. Therefore, I look forward to writing new materials, so I can format those pages, and create a new cover art. Maybe when my son starts preschool, I will have the little extra time to put more thoughts into paper.

Since writing his first work in college, Anderson has become an educator, preacher, husband and father. He has added to his bilingual experience, a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction with an ESL emphasis. He has been involved in the education and instruction field for the past 15 years. His fields of expertise encompass a variety of subjects. He has taught all age groups from teaching soccer to 10 year olds to teaching English to 45 year olds, from teaching martial arts to college students to teaching Bible to those above 60. Similar to His teaching experience, Anderson's works broach a variety of fields.You can find more on these three works at the links below:

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