Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gift From Heaven

Today I have guest author
Dorothy Davies

My working day begins with reading over breakfast. My Kindle is my joy, it’s so much easier to hold than a book when eating cereal … then I drive to work, accompanied by rock music from favourite artists. That’s the first ‘me’ time, driving and singing along to the music.

I run a small publishing company and work in an office with my partner, who has his desk opposite mine. Even with that arrangement, if I want his attention, it is quicker to email him … so I do! I do the editing, the book layout and blurb-excerpt preparation work, he does the cover design and puts the whole thing on our website.

I leave work around 4 PM to do the banking and post the orders; then I go home to my daughter who has been taking care of the house and all the chores that go with it whilst I have been out.

By 5.30 I have my home computer switched on in my office. I either work direct with the keyboard or use voice recognition software, depending on who is writing with me.

The first task is to read the stories which have come in for my ongoing Static Movement anthologies. If I decide the story is not right, I send feedback on it so the author can, if they wish, decide whether to rewrite or ignore me. It’s always their choice.

Once that is done, the stories slotted into the anthologies, the contracts sent out, I start work on my books or short stories. By then the spirit author who works with me on the horror writing is usually around; I sense his presence and hear his laughter. If he’s not there, it’s one of the other spirit authors who are waiting to write their life story. I always know who it is without anyone telling me, it’s that vivid an impression. It’s one of the joys of being a medium and all the joy of being a writer.

In some ways the books are not ‘mine’ but in others they are, as the words come through me to be translated to the screen. The ‘voice’ in each book is very different but overall the control is mine. It makes the books distinctive and still have my touch.

It’s a life I would not trade with anyone else!
Dorothy Davies, full time editor and owner of a small publishing company, editor for Static Movement anthologies and I also feature heavily in other editors' anthologies too.
My books:
Death Be Pardoner To Me, the life of George, duke of Clarence (Wars of the Roses) channelled from the duke himself
I Diced With God, the life of Henry VIII channelled from the King himself
Thirty Pieces of Silver, the three years Judas Iskariot spent with Jesus and his part in the final act channelled from Judas himself
I Bid You Welcome... an anthology of horror stories channelled from horror/ghost writers in spirit.
In case it is not immediately apparent, I am a medium as well as writer/editor/photographer and publisher of my own quarterly spiritual magazine.


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