Thursday, November 22, 2012

Washed Ashore

It's a balancing act
every day. 
What to do?
R.A. Savary has it figured out.

I don’t like the terminology, “balancing my writing with ‘real life’” as it’s not a separation I make. In other words, they are one and the same. I can no longer imagine my life without writing, and I can’t imagine what I will do if it doesn’t “take off” soon. I won’t go into my entire life story. Along with my recent commitment to writing are other beliefs I am pursuing; like writing, they must fit where they fit, as do pieces of a jig-saw puzzle.

I guess at one time I had desired to be a writer, but forgot that desire, in a sea of fear and alcohol. When I washed ashore, some special people drug me from the unstable sands of the beach to solid ground, and then pointed me to a path I could call my own, and upon which, I later realized I was being led. Early on while following this path, and on a consistent basis ever since, I have worked in several fields, been loyal and giving of myself in all of them, leaving pieces of me behind. 

After regaining my footing, my desire to write returned, with a half-hearted dream of being published. This dream was a recurring thing, intermittently tossed aside for the so-called reality of making a living. Two years ago I realized that throughout my working journey, the process of leaving the pieces of me behind, that I spoke of earlier was escalating, and I could no longer afford to lose any more. I left my main job, and bumped up my part-time job at the Census Bureau to full time, even though I knew it was short-lived. I committed myself to finishing a novel, which I had started years ago, and finished the first draft in October of 2011. People have been asking for about a year now, what was I going to do?. I had been replying something along the lines that either my book was going to be a success or that my writing would lead me to something that would sustain me.

I began the querying process (aka the rejection process) for agents and publishers. I continue with submissions, paying and non-paying. 

Something occurred to me as I am writing this, in regards to balance. The pieces of me, the ones I have left behind and the ones I am attaining while on this special path of mine, all go into my writing, the “micro” and flash fiction, the short stories, and my special story, which is entitled Special, by the way; so just what the hell is there for me to balance!

I hope I get this right; Hemmingway said, “Writing isn’t hard. All we have to do is sit in front of a typewriter and bleed.” I am holding him to that, and I bleed a lot. I want to thank all the people in the literary field who believe that the book, the “real” book, has a future; they are special to me.
Things always change. For now, at least, writing is breathing; I just do it.
I am a writer living in northern Wisconsin. I have a cheesy website,, which I created soon after completing my novel Special. It contains a longer short bio of me, a description of the story including some excerpts, and a few excerpts of some short stories. At present, I am a modern day, starving artist with a pawnshop laptop over my shoulder instead of a pencil in my ear and notebook in hand. I am querying agents, while trying many different avenues of writing to survive and build-up my bio. My website was recently edited, and it still needs work, but it remains “cheesy” because I am busy creating “micro,” flash, and short story fiction submissions for magazines and contests. I mostly enjoy doing fantasy, paranormal, and other sci-fi, but I am trying almost anything.

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