Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best Books

As an author . . . 
And a ravenous reader -
I thought I would finally share my list of the ten best books.
All of these books have been read by me more than once,
which is saying a lot!

Fiction for me must be haunting,
a story that has stickiness
that I can't forget
that keeps me thinking
and wondering what happens next?

All of the fiction books below all into that category.

Non-fiction just needs to have a universal appeal.
I will be honest.
Getting my list down to ten was a challenge.
So it came down to which books do I recommend, buy for others, and re-read

First, because I'm eclectic in my reading,
please know I'm going to give books
from a number of genres.
Also, I have many authors not listed that I would consider my favorite authors.

In any event,
Let the fun begin:

1. A Brief History of the Dead
by Kevin Brockmeier

Apocalyptic Fiction

I was at the airport and needed a read.
It was recommended as a book similar to one I'd liked.
Don't remember the book I liked.
And can't forget this book.
It haunts me.
Enough said?
Was recommended by my book club the best book of 2012
And it's the comparison for all other books we've read.

2. Ellen Foster
by Kaye Gibbons

Literary Fiction

I was at an airport and needed a read.
I thought it would be a plane ride's worth.
It was . . .
The voice is evocative.
The story begins:
"When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy."

3. The Poisonwood Bible
Barbara Kingsolver

Literary Fiction

My daughter had to read it.
She recommended it.
I couldn't put it down.
Love the women's narrative voices.

4. The Book Thief
by Marcus Zusak

Young Adult

Someone told me our book club should read it.
They did,
You should as well.

5. Norwegian by Night
by Derek B. Miller


The characters! Yes! Love!
An elderly man,
a young boy
and a story,
what a wonderful story.
I laughed . . .
I cried.

6. The Prince of Tides
by Pat Conroy

Romantic Fiction

I wanted to read the story before I saw the movie.
I cried.
And then I saw the movie trailer
and I cried - 
every time I saw the movie trailer,
                                                every single time
                                                    even now. 
                      I see the bridge in the movie trailer and I bawl.

7. Layover
by Lisa Zeidner

Women's Fiction

I was intrigued by the front cover.
And the back cover
I read the book.
I have re-read the book.
Haunting tale.

8. True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure
by Andrew Weil, Sam Fox and Michael Stebner


True Foods is my most favorite restaurant
so is it any wonder that I love their cookbook?
Not only are the recipes simple
they look and taste wonderful.

9. Leadership and Self Deception
The Arbinger Institute


I routinely recommend this book to:
like parents
like I said people.
                                 It talks about treating people
                                  as people.
                                  Great concept.
                                Great read.

So is:
10. Good to Great
Jim Collins


An overall great business book.
With timeless insight
into what works.

I would love to hear what books are in your top ten.
I should to my top ten authors.
It would be an entirely 
different list.

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