Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rolling on the Floor

First of all,
Happy Pink Day
to all the gals at
Stop on by and say, "Hi!"

This weekend I'm supposed to be working
really, really, really hard.
So I didn't sign up for a 5K.
My daughters did though.

for weeks they've been talking about this run.
They didn't realize when they signed up 
it was in Flagstaff, AZ,
but they made the most of it.
They are staying with AirBNB.
If you are not familiar with this site,
run and check it out -
I have too much fun searching for places to stay on dream vacations.
(I've several times checked out the island section!)
We are actually using it for our London trip and will be staying
in a really old converted rectory.
Oh the fun.

So my girls prepared for their run.
They met and I gave them hugs and wished them well in the race today.

They left and drove all the way to Flagstaff.

Looks like a raining day, I say.

They entered the address of the home where they are staying
and then, yes, only then, did my driving daughter say,
(Are you ready?)
Where do we go for our run tomorrow?
Her fellow traveler typed in the address and was confused.
we are getting further away.
We're going the wrong direction!
Oh, no!"
The race was in Tucson.
Okay, now I can pick myself off the floor and I'll get back to work.

Have a great and fun-filled day of joyous happiness! 


  1. Some days are just that way. Everyone has them.

    1. I know. They've been distracted. Both have new jobs. I'm sure they are using the time to enjoy each other. Probably better than running.

  2. Oh, dear! Hope they enjoyed the trip anyway.

    AirBNB is great – I rented a great apartment in Paris last year through them. And you're right, it's so much fun to look at different places. A new addiction!

    Have a great Sunday.

  3. How funny! At least they figured it out before race day! Hope they had a great trip to Tucson and a good run too! :)


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