Friday, August 26, 2011

Honesty Time

the dinner party isn't until September 10th,
which might be, I think, 
my anniversary, (I'll explain some other time.)
and I'll be cooking up a storm for mon amies.

But don't worry about Hubby,
because the reason I'm so panicked 
about getting everything planned is that 
it had to be figured out before I leave.

 Yep, Hubby and I are on our way 
out of the heat for a short
getaway, to the mountains,
compliments of the greatest kids on earth.
Don't worry though,
I'll be drawing a winner before I leave.
And you still have time to enter.
I won't close it until midnight Arizona time.
Which is the same as Pacific time, right now
but will change to Mountain time soon
which is soooooo very confusing
for all of you. :-)

Thanks for all your help!

Go here to enter.


  1. How EXCITING!!! Have FUN! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Wanted to stop by your "place" and say hello. You had visited Love Where You Live and left a comment about the shutters of that fabulous Galveston home. That island has such great homes; so many need to be adopted. Love your blog site. Rather cool how the background stays in place as I scroll down. Take care, -s

  3. I kind of hate an extremely green with envy kind of way.

    Actually...hooray...anyone that can escape the heat is lucky.

    Beautiful family, BTW.


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