Monday, August 22, 2011

If I Die Young

I've been lurking over at Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus
and just had to participate this week. 

If I die young,
you can know 
I will still be with you.

You shall feel my hand
touch the back of yours
to give you comfort
while you watch
scary movies

You will hear your name
in your ear
will turn to catch
who calls.

You will breath deeply
whenever you smell
and it will feel
like a hug.

And the taste
of chocolate chip cookies
will remind you
of the softness of my apron
my love.
. . .
and when you see butterflies
dancing on unseen breezes,
you will know it's me
and think
how much more
coordinated I have become.

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  1. I like the image of the butterfly and "how coordinated I've become."

  2. This is really beautiful sentiment. I especially like the reference to butterflies and am still smiling about "how much more coordinated I have become".
    Welcome to the Centus! Warning: You will become addicted. It's a good addiction.

  3. WOW! All senses used to feel the love if one dies young. Makes me think I can even smell the perume or colgne.
    Just beautifu!
    Thank you for stopping.

  4. That is wonderful, you took my through a whole gamut of emotions!

    I particularly loved the vanilla, the chocolate chip cookies and the softness of your apron and I thought the ending was just brilliant! it bought me a smile to finish with. :-)

  5. Wonderful images here. I could just smell that chocolate chip cookie!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my entry!


  6. Well done! I could see, feel, and taste it. Beautiful. laurie

  7. Wonderful job !

    I love the imagery that you have weaved into your Centus...glad you stopped lurking and decided to join in the fun and thanks for reading and commenting on my submission !

  8. What beautiful imagery.

    I'm glad you quit 'lurking' and came out to play! It's fun to have a contained challenge...

    ...and it looks like this is gonna be way too easy for you!

    Love your writing style.


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