Sunday, May 23, 2010

Home is where the heart is.

It's been so nice to have a couple of days home.
I've been resting and, of course, reading blogs
because that is relaxing.

But I did want to send out some love to all of you,
These are from me to you!
Have a happy Sunday.


  1. Those are beautiful. I love the blues and purples together.

  2. Thank you thank you for the beautiful flowers! Blue Hyacinth? I love flowers, but don't know enough about them yet. Happy Sunday!

  3. ....And a happy relaxed sunday back to you! I imagine you are still recovering from the bar...the candy bar at your party! Looks like I need to start planning ours...what a great anniversary fete!

  4. I love all your pictures! I love Gardens. The party looked fun!
    Love hydrangeas. Happy Sunday :)
    Gros Bisous

  5. Just GORGEOUS!! Glad U are relaxing! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Thank you so much for the love sent out and those beautiful hydrangea blossoms. Thank you also for stopping by Bunny Cottage. I always enjoy getting to know my friends. I also enjoyed seeing the pics of the lovely celebration you attended. Blessings to you~ Vicki

  7. Awwww thanks so much for the lovely bouquet... I also find visiting blogs so relaxing and so rewarding!
    Thank you for your wonderful visits!

  8. Beautiful flowers!!

    Thanks for visiting Cornflake now I've found your lovely blog! :-)

  9. One of my favorites and the colors are so brilliant! The deer love my hydrangeas!

  10. I will gladly accept your beautiful flowers :)


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