Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink Birthday Saturday

It's Pink Day

Thank you Beverly
for once again hosting Pink Saturday.
Today is my Birthday!!!

Which is why the girl is wondering
why I'm blogging.
(she's not very happy about it. Can you tell?)

So quickly here is some pink

And today is the day I draw a name
from a hat to win
my very first ever giveaway.
I'm so very excited to see who wins.
But I'll have to draw that name a bit later.

Please check back.
Oh, and I'm now officially six days behind reading
all your blogs. 
I'm so very sorry.
It's been a very busy week,
but I'll be checking on everyone . . .
right after I spend some quality time with the girl.
I've been gone all week
and just got home last night
and she hasn't had a proper greeting yet.


  1. So happy to let you know you won my giveaway last week and just in time for your BIRTHDAY! I didn't even know it was today!@ SURPRISE ! Happy PS! You can atin Hands or a Leaves of Fall colors FILLED glamour compact! Just let me know where to ship it!

    I too write, mostly poems and scholarly papers, journal articles, and children's stories, althought I am working on a few nove;s. Please cpome over for a visit soon! I also featured you today!



  2. Aw Happy Birthday sweet girl, Happy Birthday Sweet girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY mommy's SWEET GIRL, Happy birthday to you!!

    She is precious. Is she a corgi? Shepherd? Hard to tell from this angle. How old. What a cutie. Tammy

  3. Happy Birthday! Pretty pink, and yes, girl looks like she wants to spend some time with you.

  4. Oh happy bd to the girl! I think you should bake her a pretty pink cake!

    Happy PS,

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope yoou have a fun filled day and enjoy it! Your dog is too cute- I have allegies so I can't have animals, but sometimes I think I'd be willing to take medication and suffer a bit just to have a tail waggin' at me when I get home.

    Happy Pink Birthday Saturday!

  7. Oh, so sweet :) Kiss that baby girl for me! and Happy Birthday to you on this Pink Saturday.

  8. Happy PS & Happy Birthday! Wishing you the most wonderful day.

  9. Happy birthday! Do something decadent for yourself! Your little girl is so cute, and so anxiously waiting... hope you both have a great night.

  10. all means give that sweet furbaby girl a proper hello and then have a happy, happy, happy birthday. (and a belated Pink Saturday. ":)

  11. Happy Birthday! Sorry, now I'm the one that's late. Hope you had a great time. – g


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