Friday, April 30, 2010


I have heard that everyone procrastinates. Some do it with regard to work. Some to play. But everyone, at some time, doing something, will choose to put that something off.

 I am no different. I do not procrastinate much with regard to my work - I mean my "real job" - although there are some tasks that are not my favorites. I'm even good with my play - In fact, that may be the only time when I never procrastinate. I'm always up for play!

But I find that my writing can easily take a back burner. (Which may be the reason why many times I sit down here and instead of writing begin reading and pretty soon, time has flown and I no longer have the time to write my blog update.)

Now, I do want to be clear. Not all of my writing is at risk. Sitting down and writing a chapter or scene for a novel is joy, pure and simple and I can always find time for that. But now comes the time when I've finished my novel. Finished the rough draft, the editing, the second editing, the third . . .well you get the idea. It's done. I've had my critique group read it, sent it off to several authors for reading, made more changes. Had it read by a published author who has given her blessing to approach her publisher using her name and now, after all that - I'm procrastinating.

All I have to do is take the already written query letter, attach the already written synopsis and the first three chapters, put them into an e-mail and hit the send button. That's it. Nothing more. Yet, I've been procrastinating for more than a week. And because I've spent this time writing, I can now procrastinate one more day, because I'm late for a birthday party. My how time flies!

Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow.


  1. I totally hear U on this! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Such synchronicity. I've just written about this issue on my blog. We are two of a kind. And I have buckets of empathy for this problem.

    You'll get there I'm sure. I wrote my post with the hope it would get me going. Maybe the same will inspire you to get that query letter off.

  3. Thank you Elisabeth. There are days when I think I should wait for the moon, stars and planets to be in perfect alignment. Then maybe - :)


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